Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Like This Scribbling Might Stay"

Seems lots of folks are singing Ping's praises lately, and deservedly so. Ping's contributions to the webcomics community--not only in terms of the comics she does, what she writes about comics, and the way she aids the community--are a testament to someone who is not only committed to the art form and the community, but to being just a decent human being. She tries to downplay her own abilities and contributions sometimes, but let's face it--she does more for webcomics on an average day than most webcomic people do in an entire week. I really do wonder how she manages it all and still maintains a life away from her computer (or at least away from webcomics).

Anyway, anyone who's talked with Adam or I about webcomics and Keenspace at length knows that Ping's done us a huge amount of help over the past year and a half or so, and been one of our biggest supporters. We've thanked her many times, I'm sure, but it's always worth doing so again, 'cause God knows Ping does more for everyone in webcomics than we really deserve.

Yeah, okay, I'm done wavin' the banner and asking her to bear my children. Go read one of her comics or something.


Song of the Moment: Billy Bragg & Wilco, "Guess I Planted"

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Noise Monkey said...

Indeed! Ping rocks!! So much so that I even went back and corrected my flipped k and c in rocks when I realized it was wrong! Of course, here are Ping's other comic, her collaboration. So don't miss those, either.