Saturday, February 16, 2008

"We Live In A Poltical World"

Living in the Washington, DC area, you tend to get a higher dose of politics than is probably healthy for anyone. Everyone's got an opinion, everyone thinks they know the way to solve the nation's problems.

As a result, I've been watching stuff on the primaries the past month or so. It's made for less than exciting television, but without new episodes of The Office or Heroes to keep me entertained (thank God the writers' strike finally ended this week!), I've had to watch something.

Both races have been interesting to watch, I will admit. I feel more invested in the Democratic primary (for obvious reasons), though I still can't decide which candidate I like more. That doesn't mean I haven't watched the Republican primary with careful attention, though: it's good to know who the competition will be in November. With McCain the (fairly) clear leader in this set, I don't see why the others haven't just conceded and concentrated on getting him as much support across the party as possible.

It's strange, though: before I moved to this area, I really didn't care that much about politics. I'd have called myself moderate when I lived in Oklahoma, but I really think I was a liberal who just didn't recognize it.

So now is when my parents both decide to send me constant email forwards of crappy political jokes. Most of them are conservative. The one my mom sent yesterday was a series of quotes from Reagan that was basically designed to say, "man, Reagan was awesome!" I wanted to reply back that Reagan was responsible for most of the evil in the 1980s and 1990s, and that he did more to destroy the public education system and the environment than any president before or after. But I didn't, because I have restraint...barely.


Song of the Moment: Bob Dylan, "Political World"