Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Open Letter to Gas Stations in the Northern Virginia Area

Dear Gas Stations,

Hey, I'm glad you're around. Really. It is endearing that we're paying $3.50 for fuel now (didn't we invade the Cradle of Freakin' Civilization so oil prices will stay down? How's that working out for us?). I mean, honestly, I'll apparently continue to pay the prices, since I kinda need my car and all.

But seriously, why did you have to go and install the damn tvs?

The gas station was one of the last places I didn't have to deal with commercials. Sure, you had the print ads that were all over the place, but I can ignore them. But the tv screens with sound...was this really necessary? I don't have a refuge anymore. Movies have more commercials at the beginning of them than previews, radio plays like equal parts music and commercials (granted, all the stations are playing the same five songs all the damn time), and now this!

Well, congrats, America, you've finally broken my will to live.


Song of the Moment: Daniel Lanois, "Where Will I Be"

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Wrapped Around Your Finger"

Michelle's wedding ring is missing.

We have no idea what happened to it. Sometime earlier last week, it disappeared off of her nightstand. We think the cats stole it. They tend to like things that're shiny and small enough to bat around.

So we've been turning the apartment upside down all week trying to find the damn thing. It's been very upsetting for the both of us. We haven' given up hope on finding it yet, but it seems less likely with each passing day.


Song of the Moment: Talking Heads, "Life During Wartime"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"You've Done It Again, Virginia"

Friday was the school's annual talent show, Soap Box. As per usual, I was dragged up on stage quite a few times. One of my students (the only one left in my Thursday afternoon Music Club) and I worked up a song that we recorded for the show, and that went over very well. The whole thing worked out pretty good; the students all performed well, the crowd was appreciative, and everyone left very happy.

Michelle's grandfather is coming into town this week from New York. A lot of our week will probably be devoted to his visit in one way or another, but it's good that he's taking the trip and getting out of the house.

I've been listening to She & Him a lot this past week. Though it's kinda slight in terms of lyrical content (mostly just straight forward love songs), it's a fun collection that's well-done and entertaining. What more could you really want?


Song of the Moment: She & Him, "Sentimental Heart"

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Feel Like Bob Barker

We got the cats spayed today. They're kinda groggy but still pretty crazy (Cecilia apparently slipped out of the spare room when Michelle went to check on them, ran down the stairs, around the living room, back up the stairs, into the main bedroom, then back into the spare room. The pain killers are really screwing them up). We have the Wellness Protection Plan thing for the cats, so the spaying only cost 1/10 of what it would've been otherwise (seriously. To get both cats spayed without the plan would've been over $1,000).

April 1st passed without much incident, though supposedly a couple of students are getting suspended for having TP'd the Dean of Students' office. Weird, really, since they're good kids who weren't malicious.


Song of the Moment: Wilco, "Glad It's Over"