Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Driver, Surprise Me"

So last week was sorta the week from hell.

First, had a meeting at school where I was essentially told I was a crappy teacher, but was not told exactly why (still not really sure on that count). Then, was told at the tutoring job that part of my job was now housekeeping: we have to clean the tutoring center at the end of the day each day, which kinda lame.

The worst bit, though, was on the way home from tutoring. I accidentally rear-ended an SUV. Did zero damage to them, folded the hood of my car like a tin foil tent.

It got worse from there. We had to rent a car on Saturday because there wasn't a car available to borrow from a relative. That night, I forgot to put a parking pass in the rental, and it got towed.

Needless to say, I spent a good chunk of Sunday having something like a nervous breakdown. I'm pretty fed up with work stuff, and decidedly not interested in returning to the school again next year. I'm also pretty damn frustrated with myself over the car stuff, which is expensive (though not as bad as it could be, since we only have to pay our deductible on the car), and apparently we won't have our car back until sometime next week according to the autobody shop...which, of course, means we have to keep the rental car for another week.

On the positive side, I spoke with my dad yesterday and discovered that we are, unlike last year, receiving a nice tax refund this year. So hurray for that.

Going on the school ski trip on Thursday. Thank goodness the school's payin', 'cause hey, I get to go skiing.

Anyway, I really just want to get through the rest of this month. Really.


Song of the Moment: Kings of Leon, "Sex On Fire"

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